How we contribute

We facilitate projects, deliver nimble, forward-looking expertise, and guide investments in education and health in low and middle-income countries. Our work bridges the gaps in access and opportunity.

Expertise in Bridges include...



Bridging the gap between development of technologies, implementation, and their impact

  • Product-development partnerships (drugs, diagnostics, insecticides, vaccines) working with researchers while preparing policies, sustainable financing and data needed for implementation of new products
  • Scaling up of innovative solar refrigeration technologies by developing strategies to support countries balanced with supply innovation, procurement, and secured funding


Supporting countries and organizations to work for shared results and impact

  • Public-private implementation partnerships (Neglected Tropical Diseases and London Declaration; Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance) ensuring developing countries and communities have timely and equitable access to innovative products  
  • Schools, teachers and students improving competencies through exchanges across schools within their communities
Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Contributing strategic thought leadership that builds on deep global experience and harnesses diverse perspectives to address complex challenges

  • Instrumental roles in the early development of Gavi, Global Fund, B&MGF as means to effectively address global development challenges
  • Innovative incentives such as facilitating Advance Market Commitments, encouraging industry to manufacture products for developing countries
  • Engagement with the private sector to ensure education and health initiatives are feasible and sustainable for both the public and private sectors
Social Investments

Social Investments

Advising and facilitating investments by those committed to equitably improving education and health

  • Expertise in donor funding from Senior roles at Gavi, B&MGF, and The Global Fund
  • Oversight of education and health investments from $10s of thousands up to $100s of millions
  • Contributing to design of innnovative funding mechanism using government-backed, ethical bonds generating $2.6 billion since 2006 to support development (IFFIm)
  • Grant implementation and monitoring to ensure on-time delivery of results

Bridges to Development contributes while continuously learning, improving and ensuring its work has impact in the world.